Dream Journal

January 5, 2011
Two females and I...
January 8, 2011
I saw W** and he had the same mp3 player as me, but his was newer and better. I had wanted one. My sister H**** was with me. Then we were at a party, of the house sort. I woke up and realized I had slipped and hit my head. I thought it was because I was drunk. Then, I was better and skating down a very long steep street with many obstacles. This repeated many times. The last time I saw A*** and I crashed  but could not feel pain. I awoke in my dream on the floor where I slipped when I was drunk and was relieved. Then I woke to reality.
January 9, 2011
I have a really hairy penis. I try to pull the hair out, but it rips chunks of my skin out and eventually half my penis. I try to put it back together. I realize I am in a dream but can not wake.
January 11, 2011
The word fuck slipped out in front of my mom while I was speaking with a friend. I tried to play it off, but she did not let me and got really mad.
January 16, 2011
I was on a home renovation show, like the ones on HGTV, but it was not peppy. Instead, it was very gloomy. One was a garage very similar to my parents' garage. Another was a living room that was almost pitch black. I also was in training for a boxing match, in which, i would be fighting an opponent who had severely beat one of my teammates in a previous fight. I believed my teammate to be a better boxer than I. I trained on a boat in a harbor. My opponent trained there too. I remembered passing people on the dock that were arriving, and thinking that they could never leave once they came.
January 17, 2011
I am running around a village in the middle of a rainy night, manning loaded weapons and shooting people. This dream slowly morphs into me fighting Buzz Lightyear and his battalion of Army Men.
January 19, 2011
I joined the football team after regular season. A police officer gives me a D.U.I. even though, I was not driving and I am kicked off the team. I feared telling my Mother I was not on the team because of the D.U.I. Then, I cried because my Father took my scrabble pieces. Then, I was trying to kill a couple of witches with an ax. I chopped away and killed a human in the process. They turned out to be vampires. Some were very attractive. I was going to kill the queen. On my way I saw W******* and thought I could trust her. She was a vampire too, and immediately told my plot. The vampires locked my away. I escaped by flying. They chased but I flew into outer space and they could not follow. I came down and landed in Decatur, Alabama.
January 22, 2011
I was on top of the water. A man jumps in and I jump in and go after him. He has an auto swimmer and I manage to hold on to it without him noticing. We go deep and to an underground cave of sorts. I try to get back what he took and after fighting him, two other men with harpoons, through several doors all underwater, I managed to inflict a life ending wound. He now is a she, and before she dies, she willingly has sex with me, while bleeding out. Now I am cleaning Pop tarts out of the back of a refrigerator, with some girl, at some place were very little English is spoken. I seem to be working. I see three kids in Takajo uniforms, but I did not know them. They were not interested in conversing. I got on to another kid, for something, and used my poor Spanish. He was wearing a Columbia t-shirt.
January 26, 2011
We are walking down the left-hand side of the road into a town. Cars are intentionally trying to hit us. It seems like they do not want us coming into their town. There is a fence on both sides of the road and we can barely avoid being hit. I weird camel looking thing, with a dog head in the front and one in the back, is coming towards us with a man riding. I jump on the fence to the left and kick at it as it attacks me. The front head bits my foot. I manage to wrap my legs around the head of the man in the middle, who I find out is part of this creature. I am choking him and the others with me revolt against the cars and people from the town.
January 27, 2011
I was in the classroom and my students brought me their Anyeong Ha Se Oh projects and they were perfect. Then somebody was shooting at me.
January 28,2011
I dreamed about a commercial for a website (that does not exist to my knowledge) in Korea that sells midi keyboards. Then, I was trapped in a room with a huge dog-like cat that I was sure was going to kill me, but it was showing some hesitation. There were two others just like him, but he was smarter/leader of the pack. (The dynamic of the group reminds me of the hyenas from The Lion King, but more demonic like the dogs from Ghostbusters.)
January 29, 2011
I am hiding out in a hotel room. There is another man there I know and trust with my life. We here something at the door and he makes a joke about that being "them" coming for you. I relax and then, we here something outside the patio balcony door. I look out the door window. We are three floors up and there is a girl hanging on the outside of the rail around the balcony. I recognize her as someone from college. I then realize the sound at the front door was probably really "them." I look and see four girls standing outside the door, perhaps with weapons. I knew two of them. One was D**** T*** and the other was J****** B***. I back away from the door slowly and ask my friend for advice. He is willing to die for me. After checking everyplace in the hotel room the only way to escape is out the patio balcony. I make a run for it out the balcony doors. I complete some unbelievable par-core jumps and flips and am now running across an open grass field with people hot on my trail. I am not the fastest and one of them tries to tackle me coming from my 9 o'clock. I know him, P*** ******. I shove he to the ground and say, "This ain't football." I continue running and it appears I'm going to be caught. Until, I realize some of the people running after me are are keeping others from catching me. I run away from everyone with the help of my unknown friends. I find myself stopped by three others my age. One engages me and I quickly take him out and keep moving. I cut through some houses and circle around and am now excited to be free. I see a pond/pool and run and flip. While in the air I realize I am wearing a backpack and have a cell phone in my pocket. I pull out my cell phone and try to gently toss it on the grass before entering the water, but toss it too softly and it goes in the water. I land and quickly swim over grab and toss it out. Then my backpack which had a computer in it. There are 3 inch spiders in the water. I exit after feeling bad about killing one that was on my arm.
Febuary 1, 2011
Some famous stylist took me shopping for clothes and I looked horrible. Then, I was a roadie for some band but at the gigs I was picking up piles of my clothes that I always leave on the floor.
February 9, 2011
I was grrocery shopping my my parents, aunts, uncle, and sisters at Winn-dixie. They had slot machines and I won $25,363.
February 13, 2011
I am lying with my back up against the shoulder of a girl, this girl changes to a girl I know J*******. She reaches for my hand secretively and I pretend not to notice, thinking it may just be a coincidence. She slips her fingers through mine, and I now know this is intentional. To check her reaction, and partly because I wanted to, I rub her wrist and hand with my fingers. It seems we were lying on a couch with others in the room. Then, it changed. We were lying in the back of a hot car. Her mother had seen ours hands and was happy for us. Next, I am going to watch a boxing match with five other guys. One being J***. There are about 5 rings set up in this big hall with rolling floors. We set up our on table and I get the worst seat with my back to the main ring. Next, I am with a group of people. I believe us to have special powers. We have surrounded a house. Someone is shooting into the house but stops. We break into a house where "bad guys" are held up and give them on last chance. One girl who was once with us is told to go by the good still left in the "bad guys." Then another guy an I go the the table on the porch of this house. There is candy, and I take all the skittles, after asking the "bad guys" if they wanted any.
February 14, 2011
...I have a new desk in my living room...
February 16,2011
...Showering naked in an outdoor shower house. There were four Korean women peeking out of a building nearby...
February 18, 2011
... I have lost my hair, but not in the male pattern baldness type of way. Its more like some kind of sick zombie disease, with nastiness all over my scalp...

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