Friday, July 29, 2011

Discovery Channel in Korean Restaurants

So, Discovery Channel is a pretty big deal in South Korea, and it's in English. If you go out to eat and the restaurant isn't playing baseball or a Korean drama, it will be showing the Discovery Channel. I had always found watching animals run around while I ate relaxing and entertaining. Until last night, when I had a hard time keeping my shrimp down as I watched an extremely graphic segment on fawns plopping out of a doe's vagina. I tried to look away, but everywhere I looked, there was just another TV or the reactions from other customers. I could not escape the stretchy, blooding mess that is birth. So, I took a picture to remember it forever.

Dear Korean Restaurant Owners: Not while I'm eating, please.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2011 Budget (incomplete Post)

Before I arrived in Korea, I made a Financial Plan/Estimated Budget. I was super motivated and I had planned to save a lot of my money. I am currently six months into the year and I have saved nothing, with the exception of the change that resides in the piggy bank on top of my microwave. I had always known saving was not my forte but I had hoped to to make a good showing. I failed. 

Truthfully, I have saved before, but it was always with the intention of spending. I'd save for a few months and then spend it all on a guitar or a TV. I have never been good at saving just to have money sitting in a bank. If I die with more than I was born with, I will consider myself to have lived inefficiently and that's not the way I want to go out. 

Estimated Budget made in December 2010
Actual Budget and 6 Month Progress Report

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Busan, Beach and Blackout

June 4, 2011

Much like any other Saturday morning at the bus terminal, I am drunk. I am tired. I am dehydrated. And, I have arrived at the bus terminal hours before need be because passing out in front of the ticket windows at the terminal allows my friends the opportunity to smack me in the face to wake me up.
Friends are mostly late... and I feel like a cat that's been squished in the middle of the road, but isn't quite dead yet, trying to fall asleep on the bus.
We arrive in Busan and head for the subway to Haeundae beach.
24 stops, 2400 six-year old children on a subway field trip and a couple hotel/motels later
We are changing and super pumped for the beach. This is normally where I would have completed a couple sets of push ups and bed dips for the triceps and chest... but, I refrained.
Beach O'Clock
The beach is awesome. There are several stages, a sand sculpture competition, professional sand castles, a volleyball tournament, street parades that can be seen from the sand, Koreans swimming in pants and long sleeve shirts, more beer, and plenty of foreigners from all over for the Koreans to watch get beachy.
The ocean was icy, the sun was warm, and the cool breeze eventually put me to sleep. Luckily I didn't get burnt because passing out on the beach went hand-in-hand with my friend's new found passion for burying people in the sand.
Woke up just in time to watch a girl trying to teach another girl how to do a back bend. Fail.
Sometime Later
We had eaten at a restaurant and afterwards the girls wanted to go back to the hotel to pick something up or find some friends we were supposed to meet or do something. Its all kinda fuzzy. So, they drop us off at Miami 88.
One Hundred "Yogi-Os" and 26 shots of Jager Later
We stand for the first time.
20 Steps Towards the Next Bar
I blackout.
Next Thing I Remember
I was introducing myself to Kimchi Dreadlocks like some kind of weird internet stalker and his girlfriend was laughing at him/me not really sure.
Real late at night or real early in the morning
After losing W160,000 on Roulette, I get up from the Blackjack table with W40,000 more than when I entered the casino. I had made a promise to myself in good faith that I would leave the table if I made my money back. I then proceeded to find a loop hole in my promise, by allowing myself to believe sitting down at another table was not in breach of my previously agreed upon promise. I then proceeded to lose W360,000. MORAL of the STORY: Don't Break Promises to Yourself.
"Naw. Go ahead, I'll catch up later," I said after my friends asked me for the last time if I wanted to go get something to eat. 
I finally get my lazy ass out of the bed and make the 5 minute walk to the beach feeling the best I had felt in 2 days. There were more parades, an airshow, a bucket of KFC, bottled water, Korean rock bands and Korean girls competing in some wrestling match, where it appears the main goal is to make the opponents shorts look like a thong. Needless to say, I enjoyed watching this event.
20:00:00 ish
We are eating something with chicken, noodles and rice and it is awesome.
21:00:00 ish
We have enter a place called Irish Pub and I have made the wise decision to buy a bottle of Jager. I knew I was going to be doing a lot of drinking and so bulk has got to be cheaper. We sat and started the drinking games. It started with big booty and ended with an empty bottle of Jager. So what's the natural thing to do? Get another bottle of Jager! Needless to say, the last thing I remember was dancing and drinking Jager.
I open my eyes to my vomit covered Electric Zombie tank top. Then I looked further down my person, as I raised my head, to see my friends shorts I was wearing. I thought, "Great... they are also covered in awesome chicken, noodles, and rice." Then continuing to lift my head, my eyes finally catch hold of the sky's morning glow. "Okay... I'm on the roof of my hotel. I guess I got really wasted and came up to the roof of the hotel to look at the stars while I puked. Yeah." I stand up and chicken drops from my shirt to the concrete rooftop. "Ughh... I cant where this downstairs." I perform an instinctual post blackout belongings check. "All here... good." I then carefully remove the saturated tank top and shorts and hang them on the ledge of the building. "Ughh," the vomit had seeped through to my boxers. "No.. you have to wear them." I told myself them wandered to a door and started down some stairs. "This does not look hotelish. Hmmm..." I continue on. "Crap. I'm at the Irish Pub." 
This left me with two choices. I could walk back to the hotel in the vomit stained boxers or I could wait for the bar to open and have another drink in the vomit stained boxers. I walked back in my sneakers and boxers.
A hellish 24 stop subway ride, a #2 in E-Mart, watching X-men, having a 50 year old Korean man tickle me with his finger, watching Kung-Fu Panda, playing Time Crisis,a red dress purchase and catching the last bus out of Busan later...
I was in Gwangju.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Attack of the Killer Korea 1.0 or 2.0?

I'm having a hard time deciding whether, or not, I should change the layout of Attack of the Killer Korea. The one you see currently (1.0) took more time to make, but I think the new one I created (2.0) may allow my blog to be read more comfortably. 

To decide this, I would like for my readers to choose by voting in the sidebar. PLEASE take the two seconds it will require you to locate the sidebar and click 1.0, 2.0, What I suggested!, or I hate your blog (and don't care because I will never read it again). I promise you will not be spammed or taken to another page.

You can click on the examples below to see screen-size images of both examples. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. The voting will end on June 30th 2011 and on July 1st 2011 I will post the verdict.
Blog 2.0
Blog 1.0

July 1, 2011

Aaaaaaaannd the winner is... BLOG 2.0!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


These are not my own words. This is the title of Korea's popular street style fashion magazine, CRACKER YOUR WARDROBE. The magazine, that highlights the peacockers of society, started as a free publication in 2007. It now runs W 3,800 in stores and includes specimen from all over the globe.

Monday, May 30, 2011

I Think I Am A Darts Player

There is a darts league run out of one of the "foreigner bars" in Gwangju, South Korea. I joined two months ago and have faired well against my opponents. So, I decided to buy my own set of darts. Many of the others in the league have there own and I am getting tired of asking people to borrow theirs or sharing with my opponents. It just doesn't feel right beating your opponent with their darts.

They have been ordered from DARTS LIFE, a Korean company in Seoul.

Maybe I'll be the next big thing!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chicken Lady or Matchmaker?


My go to chicken place, Poktan Cochi (Bomb Chicken), went out of business. This is a common theme for most small businesses in my neighborhood. But unlike The United States, where it seems the buildings go unoccupied for months or even years, there is always another business up and running within the week. Half of the time they are selling the exact same products to the exact same target group. 

I was sad the day everything was being torn out of the space, but not as sad as I might have been had my students not already prepared me for this exact scenario. Only a week before, April 1st to be exact, my students had very casually brought up that Poktan Cochi was going out of business. I cannot recall ever falling for an April Fool's joke, but that day I did. One of my 12 year old girls brought it up 5 minutes into class. She was in mid-conversation with the other girls and then she seemed to leave the group's train of thought to speak with me. I believe this is where I lost any inclination that she could have been tricking me. The other girls continued talking and her facial expressions looked as though something had just dawned on her. I now believe it was just the confused look some students have when they are trying to piece together English words into a coherent sentence. She went on to say that Poktan Cochi was closing and a flower shop was going to be opening in its place. I asked her if she was serious and even believed the other girls when they finally broke from their conversation to back her up. We talked about it for the next couple of minutes and after coming to terms with the fact that I was going to have to find another chicken place, we continued class as normal. Only in the last minute of class while we were leaving did she speak up and say, "Teacher, Just kidding. Poktan Cochi no close."

I do not believe that April Fool's joke to be the sole reason for the unfortunate demise of Poktan Cochi, but it couldn't have helped.

I was soon on a mission to find a new chicken place and what better place to start than the next closest one, BBQ Chicken. I quickly became a regular (3-4 times a week) and the family that runs it seems to be fond of me. A husband and wife do all the work with the occasional help from there son (19) and daughter (16). One week into being a customer there, the woman decided that I was paying to much at W 9,000 and now only charges me W 8,000. She told me she was giving me a discount because I was "pretty," which was soon corrected by her daughter, who told her she meant "handsome." She has given me free things, "service," such as, chicken, coke, rice, beer, cake, etc. They are open until late and if I go around the time there kids are eating, they always invite me to eat with them. I try to say no thank you, but sometimes take them up on it, not to seem ungrateful.

The Story:

So... I had been doing this for about a month, when the chicken lady, Mrs. Lee, asked me if I had a girlfriend. Not by saying, 'do you have a girlfriend?' But by speaking a whole lot of Korean I did not understand, then finally saying the singular word GIRLFRIEND. I told her no and before I could realize what was actually taking place, she was writing down some girl's name and asking me for my phone number to give to her. I, of course, was smiling/laughing at the situation she was creating for me. She assured me that the girl spoke English and went on to tell me that she was going to have the girl call me the next night. I asked Mrs. Lee to have the girl text me first because I didn't answer unknown numbers, and I was worried about her English speaking ability. That was Thursday.

Saturday night I was back at BBQ Chicken to get my fix and Mrs. Lee, the chicken lady, was back to using sign language to communicate with me. She asked me if the girl had called me. I shook my head no and after a short puzzled look from the chicken lady, she was picking up the phone and speaking my name into it. I'm not sure, but I believe she was speaking to someone else about the potential Girlfriend and I, who may or may not have been the mother. She hung up the phone with a smile and then told me, after consulting with her daughter, "studying." Apparently, the girl did not have time to make a call over a 48 hour period because she was studying. However, the chicken lady seemed to think that the potential date was going to contact me.

Monday morning, the chicken lady was outside as I walked past BBQ Chicken on my way to the bakery. She communicated the question of whether or not the girl had called me, to which, I communicated a negative response. I was in the bakery and out in time to walk back by and see and hear Mrs. Lee speaking my name into the phone, once again. I had assumed by this time that the girl was not going to contact me, but the chicken lady seemed determined to make it happen.

However, as time went on, we both came to terms with the fact that she had not contacted me and was in all likelihood, not going to contact me. 

The thoughts that had ran through my head concerning this unknown girl can only be chalked up as experience in thinking. I will never know if she was pretty. I will never know if she spoke English. I will never know if she was kind, funny, loyal, smart, intuitive, understanding, athletic or loving. I will never know if she was good with children or if her family was accepting of me. I will never no what that blind date would have been like. I will never know...

...for now, she's just a chicken lady.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Piggy-Back Ride

There once was a boy 
who had all his front teeth

Even after his mom said
they'd be killed by sweets

He would run, he would play
He would waste all the day

Thinking not of the consequences
to his blasphemous ways

Having cleared his mind
He was blacked-out

Giving a piggy-back ride
that only went down

There once was a boy
who had all his front teeth

The concrete changed that
but he would not change a thing

Monday, April 25, 2011

Newbie Pushing Mongo

At the beginning of April, after trying numerous times to get a skateboard, I finally obtained one from Diamond Street Co. in Gwangju, South Korea.

Many people are probably thinking, 'You can't even ride that.' or 'Aren't you too old for skating?' or 'That's a waste of money,' and my response to all those is YES. But, I'm running out of youthful challenges to conquer, so... I figured I might as well.

My goal is to be decent at skateboarding within the year. So far... I've been out maybe... five times, and already I can see significant improvement. I fall and it hurts, but whatever... chicks dig scars.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Zippity-Do Da Day

On March 26, 2011, I met 4 friends at the Gwangju Bus terminal, at 6 AM, for a day of zip-lining, wine tunneling, and bussa riding. The video below is the condensed version of our day trip to Daegu.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Arcade Money

I got so much change. I have hoarded all my change from Korea. I only use cash and never carry my coins from my previous purchases. So, I have lots of it, and it works out great with my new infatuation with Arcades.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kumho World or 금호월두

Kumho World is an electronics market located in Gwangju, behind U-Square. It has THE BEST DEALS and it has 8 floors:
  • B1 - Furniture
  • F1 - Health care and Beaty Appliances
  • F2 - Cellphones and mobile networking 
  • F3 - Music Instruments
  • F4 - Computers
  • F5 - Computers
  • F6 - Housewares 
  • F7 - Furniture
Location of Kumho World

I have been to Kumho World many times to pick up various things. There are hundreds of dealers and most of them are willing to negotiate with prices.

I was lucky enough to find Mr. Son, a licensed Yamaha dealer, who speaks a little English and goes that extra mile to help his customers. He did not have any of the things I wanted in stock, but helped me obtain everything. The first time we spoke, he let me know that he could obtain anything from ALL 4 SOUND, a Korean website selling music equipment, and for less money. He is able to get almost anything next day and will even go to other dealers in Kumho World to find the pieces your looking to buy. He even gave me a wake up call so I could get down there and pick up my stuff the next day!

So far I have purchased a Mic Stand, Mic cable, Midi Keyboard, Effects Pad, and Speakers from Kumho World. I have done this through three different dealers and everything has functioned beautifully.
Mr. Son Business Card
Axiom 25 Pro
KP3 Pad

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bomb Chicken!!!

Today, with the help of one of my students, I realized I have a favorite food place, POKTAN COCHI a.k.a Bomb Chicken. I was unaware of this place for the first month. Until, one of my students came to school with a bag of potato fries that made me... Well... let's just say, if women wanted me as bad as I wanted those fries, my apartment wouldn't be as dirty as it is. I've been eating there at least 4 times a week ever since.

Andrew Teacher  likes  LOVES!!! Poktan Cochi.
 The place is right across the street from my hagwon, and  caters to children. I have only seen one person  older than  me order food. If you think I'm kidding, take  a look at  the menu.

 All the same... it's delicious. Not only do I think its  awesome, but my students know I think its awesome.

 Below is one of my students diary entries. The class is  one of my upper level classes made up of 5 girls ages 11  to 12, including the one who initially introduced me to  my favorite food place.

This came to me as somewhat of a surprise, because I had ran across the street last week. I had been heading straight for Poktan Cochi. It was closed during the middle of the day. And, I was very, very saddened. But... I had not heard the laughing of little girls in the distance, as I normally do when my girl students see me loose in the Korean community. So... I was unaware my disappointment had been witnessed.

We all laughed about it for a good minute. My eyes even started to water. Then, they started laughing about how I was laughing. At this point, I discontinued my laughter and had to listen to them laugh at my expense. I love kids.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

For all my single readers

Do you ever get to feeling like you want a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Maybe, you are at your house cooking dinner for yourself, and you think... " would be nice to have someone here, to share this with."

Well, every now and then, I catch one of these feelings. And what I do is, I take it up to the roof of my seven story building and I push it off.

Problem solved.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Confrontations in Korea

Ru Ford - Hello, My name is Ru Ford, and I too am a victim of racism.

Audience- Helloo Ru Ford, telll uss whatt happenedd. 

Ru Ford - Well, before I dive into the incident, I should preface it with something that happened earlier in the day while I was on break at work.
I was looking out the window down at the street below, as a often do during my ten minute break between classes. I notice that everyone is looking in the same general direction. I followed the onlookers' line of sights to where they converged, a man in a yellow jacket surrounded by four other men in black jackets. At first glance, it seems as though they are just talking. After watching them for ten seconds, I realize that the man in the yellow jacket is losing ground. I then hear one of them yell loudly as he throws his arms in the air. 
I open the window to the teachers lounge, while at the same time getting the attention of my co-teacher to show her the free event taking place 40 feet below. By now the man has backed up about 7 feet from the original position, but this will be about 50 feet before the end. 
The yelling is getting even louder and is coming from both the man in yellow and the four men in black. More pointing and throwing hands in the air and other erratic behavior. The man is losing ground faster and the confrontation is becoming more heated. I begin to think that they're going to fight. 
THEN... one of the men in black bumps into the man in yellow. Yes, I said "bumps," not pushes, not tackles, not shoves, not rams, not spears, not lunges, not punches, not kicks, not knees, and not shoulders. Bumps. Then again. Then another man almost meanderingly bumps into the man in yellow, then again and again. Then the first does it again. Then a third man bumps a couple times. It is comical. 
I'm waiting for the punch or ghetto slam (take down) with some ground and pound that comes with almost every fight I have ever seen in my life. It never comes.
I look to my co-teacher, "Uhh... what are they doing?" 
She says, "They are arguing about something. I don't know. This situation happens a lot in Korea, on the streets.. men arguing."
"No, I mean why are they bumping into each other like that? In America someone would have been punched in the face by now."
"Oh," she said, "Men are afraid to fight because the police will know and they will have to pay a fine."
I am amazed. Honestly, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum bump each other with more force than these guys. The men looked like a couple of dogs trying to hump the man's leg.

Audience- (Laughing)

Ru Ford - Now, about the incident that occurred later that day after work. It was about 7:25 pm. I had decided to go down to the Mini Stop at the corner of my block, and take some money out of the ATM to go buy a snack before hitting the gym. The ATM was next to a freezer, packed with ice cream, and before I knew it, I was standing in line waiting to purchase some fish shaped ice cream treat. 
There was a woman checking out at the left register. But, she was paying with coins and for some reason, unknown to me, she was using the counter area at the right register. I stood a good 4 feet back to allow her to resume position at left register after her coins were counted. 
Then, a woman walked in with nothing in hand and stood 2 feet in front diagonal left of me. At first I thought she was breaking in line. I later decided she just could not she the brands of cigarettes and wanted a closer look.
This is about the time I hear the bells ring on the Mini Stop door. I look over my left shoulder and see a man enter and think nothing about it.
He comes from behind me moving to my right and gives my two strong shoves with his left forearm to my back/right side. He says nothing and and is now diagonally 2 feet in front of me to my right.
Several things went through my head during these happenings. The typical nice guy, don't jump to any conclusions type of things, but I knew as soon as I felt the second push, what was happening. Even though, I had never experienced this before. And, if there was any doubt, he killed it when we made eye contact and then he told the clerk to get him two packs of cigarettes in a tone that said, "F*** this foreigner, get me my cigarettes girl."
See... the girl saw what was going on. I could read it all over her face, and I am sure the man could, too.
She got him his cigarettes and he paid. I am still standing in the exact same spot I have been this whole time. The man turns around, goes to my right and it seems as though he is going to go around me with no problem. But, I have braced for a possible shoulder impact because I am not losing ground. He passes me without hitting my shoulder, and just before I think everything is cool, I feel him shove his arm into my back. I completely ignore him. 
I pay for my ice cream bar and walk out. Guess who's there? 

I would fight an army of racist ajusshis to get my hands on one of these. 
Audience- Thee Ajusshii!

Ru Ford - That's right, the ajusshi jackass. He is standing all alone in the middle of a huge sidewalk. I stare him down the whole way, as I walk past him as close as possible without touching him. He never broke eye contact... nor did I. 

Audience- Whyy didn'tt youu punchh himm inn the faace or sayy somethingg.!

Ru ford - I thought you might ask that. Well firstly... I was a little taken aback and trying to get me head around what was going on. Secondly, I have read many things about foreigners fighting with Koreans and it never turns out beneficial for the foreigner. Thirdly, he was around the age of 50 and I was raised to respect my elders. Fourthly, I don't speak Korean. Fifthly, saying something in English would have probably only escalated the situation. 
Next time it will not go down the same way. 

In closing, I really hope these instances are few and far between. I would hate to ruin my visa renewal opportunities because a hateful man coxed me into kicking him through shelfs of ramen and sticky rice. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Korean Alphabet

Basically... I can read Korean. Well, at least, I can very slowly pronounce each syllable, and eventually, one minute later, finish a sentence. Problem is... I have almost no vocabulary. I just recently started stealing my students vocabulary sheets, because they have English words with Korean translations. I am not only teaching in class, but I am learning by using my students to check my pronunciation of Korean words. It is great having 5-8 students diligently working to help improve my Korean, and it is free! Normally when they start seeming inattentive, I randomly say something in Korean and it amazes them. Then, for the next 2-3 minutes, I have nine year olds teaching me. They are once again enthused, and I jump back into the lesson.

The videos below are the only source of information I used to learn Hangul. Watch them a couple of times and you should be set.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Korean Beer: Cass

CASS Fresh is the Budweiser (or Bud Heavy) of Korean beers. It is one of the top selling beers in South Korea. Cass is widely considered the best overall Korean beer for its taste and price. It carries the stigma of being a "man's drink." Just as in America, lite drinks are thought to be for "girls." Cass's slogan is 'Sound of Vitality" the ultimate refreshment with fizzy and crisp taste.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Subliminal Messages in Korea: Practice Safe Sex

Korean candy gifted to me from one of the students at my hagwon.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hives in Korea: Hive Genocide

I have been reading a lot of Hive Testimonies, and have decided to try to kill the Hives before they kill me. 

My Plan of Action:
Attack the Hives from within by eating a controlled diet of fresh vegetables, breads and water. After weakening the adult male Hives, I will then send in a second wave of fresh fruits and exercise to ruthlessly slaughter the women and children Hives, thus preventing a new generation.
Food Journal:
January 29, 2011
Peanut butter (Skippy, Peanut Butter, Smucker's Goober Grape), Bananas, Berry Berry Jam, Bread, Water, Milk
January 30, 2011 Woke up with a sore throat 
bread, Peanut Butter, banana, water, Skippy, zucchini, mushrooms, cinnamon bread. Berry Berry Jam
January 31, 2011 Woke up with a sore throat 
Bread, Skippy, Berry Berry Jam, Water, Sunkist Candy, zucchini, mushrooms, egg, banana 
Going to bed with what I believe to be a cold
February 1, 2011 Woke up feeling great 
Bread, banana, egg, water, coffee, Sunkist Candy, Apple, Skippy, Berry Berry Jam, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes 
Going to bed with a sore nose from it running all day (get it? sore... from running?)
February 2, 2011 Woke up late and great 
Bread, Skippy, Egg, Water, apple, UH-O!!! Hite, Cass, German something, Jager, Pizza (with everything), pickles, nuts, salad
Thought I was itchy, but too drunk to say for sure
February 3, 2011 Woke up with a headache, no runny nose though 
Mushrooms, tomatoes, egg, water, orange juice, JAYUSIGAD candy bar, Coke, Skippy, bread
Feel good, no signs of the hives
February 4, 2011 I think my hives are almost completely gone 
JAYUSIGAD candy bar, coke, egg, German sausage, spicy onion salad, mustards,
February 5, 2011 
JAYUSIGAD candy bar, Korean Foods, more Korean foods
I think i'm OKAY.

I believe all Hives to have been successfully annihilated. However, I have heard rumors of survivors. My body and I are constantly on the look-out for any trace or clue to their existence, but any evidence found thus far has been inconclusive. My eyes are peeled.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Inevitable E-mail

I knew I would one day receive an e-mail with this as the subject. Still, it comes to me as a surprise. My Great Grandmother has passed away. All that will remain of her are the memories others have of her and how she has influenced the lives of those around her. As I was fumbling through my horrible memory, looking for those of my Great Grandmother, I found that they shared a common theme, my Great Grandmother's hug. I will always remember the unusually strong hug from an old lady and the words "I love you." As long as I live, I hope to pass on her spirit by hugging the ones I love with the same sincerity with which she hugged me.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pizza in Korea

Pizza in Korea is different, but the same. The prices for pizza in Korea tend to be higher than the United States, but since tipping is not practiced in Korea, if you order delivery, it can be close to the same. And, if you live in Korea, you know delivery bikers risk life and limb to get you your pizza quick. They fly through red light intersections. They drive on the wrong side of the road. They drive off-road, and they are constantly coming within inches of pedestrians. The choices of pizzas toppings, in Korea, seem endless with potato, sweet potato, prawns, corn and many more available. All pizza places serve pizzas with a side or two of pickles, Parmesan, and hot sauce. Some of the pizzas I purchased even came with a complementary soda.  The pizza places below are those of the Singa-Dong residential area in Gwangju, South Korea. 

PIZZA HUT or 피자헛 
Pizza Hut (home service) pizza in South Korea taste just like Pizza Hut pizza in America. The pizza shown is a regular supreme and cost ₩14,800. It cost ₩17,800 for delivery. 

Nanta 5000
Nanta 5000 has got to be the cheapest pizza in South Korea, but that only makes it better. Larges start at ₩5,000. They say it feeds 3-4 people... NOT TRUE. It feeds one person, but at ₩5,000 it is a great deal. I would compare it to Ci Ci's Pizza in the United States. The pizza shown is a large Combination Pizza.

High priced pizzas with great specials.  The pizza shown is a large Bulgogi Pizza for ₩9,800 (normally ₩16,800). It taste good, but expires fast. So, eat it before it gets cold. The crust is a little tough to chew. 

Dasarang is a nice sit down restaurant that also delivers. It sells american-style pizza and chicken, as well as, various Korean dishes. The pizza shown is a large "whatever I pointed to on the menu" for ₩18,000. I think 
a combination. I remembering it tasting awesome, but I had the drunchies. So, what doesn't taste awesome?

Pizza Club
Pizza Club was is my choice for best crust. The pizza shown is a large combination for ₩21,000. It was the most expensive pizza I purchased, but the crust was made of individual cheese filled bread rolls.