Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2011 Budget (incomplete Post)

Before I arrived in Korea, I made a Financial Plan/Estimated Budget. I was super motivated and I had planned to save a lot of my money. I am currently six months into the year and I have saved nothing, with the exception of the change that resides in the piggy bank on top of my microwave. I had always known saving was not my forte but I had hoped to to make a good showing. I failed. 

Truthfully, I have saved before, but it was always with the intention of spending. I'd save for a few months and then spend it all on a guitar or a TV. I have never been good at saving just to have money sitting in a bank. If I die with more than I was born with, I will consider myself to have lived inefficiently and that's not the way I want to go out. 

Estimated Budget made in December 2010
Actual Budget and 6 Month Progress Report


  1. daaaang your killing them poker that 4.4 million dollar bankroll i see lol

  2. Haha... i didn't even notice that... the Korean Won to USD Conversion exchange rate must have messed up. I haven't even been playing poker. There should just be zero's throughout that whole section.