Friday, January 14, 2011

Korean Air

Korean Air's slogan is 'Excellence in Flight' and they do not just talk-the-talk, they walk-the-walk. They are the best airline I have experienced. I flew economy, non-stop, from Atlanta, USA to Incheon, Korea on January 1, 2011 sitting in seat 50E. The flight was 14 hours long and worth every cent of the $950 my recruiter paid.

Korean Air has an excellent economy class. They won the "Worlds Best Economy Class" at the Skytrax 2006/2007 World Airline Awards (Oscars of the airline industry). I did not leave my seat one time, during the flight, and I was comfortable.

Korean Air has an excellent first class. They received the "Leading First Class Airline Award" at The World Travel Awards in 2010 (Oscars of the travel and tourism industry).

Korean Air has excellent flight attendants. It is not possible for them to look more excellent. They are attractive, tall, well kept, and wearing the most astounding/uncomfortable looking uniform I have ever seen.  During the flight they were gracious, helpful, and patient.

Korean Air has excellent IFE (In-Flight Entertainment). Each touch screen T.V. is equipped with 100+ movies, television shows, short features, radio stations, games, flight plan tracker, sky view and ground view (via cameras attached outside), news headlines (Korean, American, etc.), and a USB input.  The TV's limited viewing radius allows for more privacy when viewing the screen and avoids distracting neighbors who may be sleeping or working.

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