Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bomb Chicken!!!

Today, with the help of one of my students, I realized I have a favorite food place, POKTAN COCHI a.k.a Bomb Chicken. I was unaware of this place for the first month. Until, one of my students came to school with a bag of potato fries that made me... Well... let's just say, if women wanted me as bad as I wanted those fries, my apartment wouldn't be as dirty as it is. I've been eating there at least 4 times a week ever since.

Andrew Teacher  likes  LOVES!!! Poktan Cochi.
 The place is right across the street from my hagwon, and  caters to children. I have only seen one person  older than  me order food. If you think I'm kidding, take  a look at  the menu.

 All the same... it's delicious. Not only do I think its  awesome, but my students know I think its awesome.

 Below is one of my students diary entries. The class is  one of my upper level classes made up of 5 girls ages 11  to 12, including the one who initially introduced me to  my favorite food place.

This came to me as somewhat of a surprise, because I had ran across the street last week. I had been heading straight for Poktan Cochi. It was closed during the middle of the day. And, I was very, very saddened. But... I had not heard the laughing of little girls in the distance, as I normally do when my girl students see me loose in the Korean community. So... I was unaware my disappointment had been witnessed.

We all laughed about it for a good minute. My eyes even started to water. Then, they started laughing about how I was laughing. At this point, I discontinued my laughter and had to listen to them laugh at my expense. I love kids.

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