Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kumho World or 금호월두

Kumho World is an electronics market located in Gwangju, behind U-Square. It has THE BEST DEALS and it has 8 floors:
  • B1 - Furniture
  • F1 - Health care and Beaty Appliances
  • F2 - Cellphones and mobile networking 
  • F3 - Music Instruments
  • F4 - Computers
  • F5 - Computers
  • F6 - Housewares 
  • F7 - Furniture
Location of Kumho World

I have been to Kumho World many times to pick up various things. There are hundreds of dealers and most of them are willing to negotiate with prices.

I was lucky enough to find Mr. Son, a licensed Yamaha dealer, who speaks a little English and goes that extra mile to help his customers. He did not have any of the things I wanted in stock, but helped me obtain everything. The first time we spoke, he let me know that he could obtain anything from ALL 4 SOUND, a Korean website selling music equipment, and for less money. He is able to get almost anything next day and will even go to other dealers in Kumho World to find the pieces your looking to buy. He even gave me a wake up call so I could get down there and pick up my stuff the next day!

So far I have purchased a Mic Stand, Mic cable, Midi Keyboard, Effects Pad, and Speakers from Kumho World. I have done this through three different dealers and everything has functioned beautifully.
Mr. Son Business Card
Axiom 25 Pro
KP3 Pad

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