Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FEBRUARY: The Month of the Yellow Brick Road

My first month in Korea has passed too quickly, and I am now standing at the First of February. I have labeled this month: 'The Month of the Yellow Brick Road.' Because... like Dorothy, from The Wizard of Oz, I am going to make friends as I am on it.

Potential Friends: The stupid one, the heartless one, and the wimpy one.

I will not only make friends by happenstance, but I am going to diligently seek new faces and attempt to create friendships out of thin air. This is going to involve me leaving my comfort zone and facing the possibility (more like probability) of rejection. I will be imploring the use of internet advice, morning pep talks, music <= after you get the thunder you can do anything, excessive creepy smiles, head nods, enthused interest, and after five pm alcohol.

I will be looking for friends on all fronts.
  • Local Bars, Facebook, Foreign Bars, Language Exchange Sites, CouchSurfers, Anybody within yelling distance, Gym, Koreans, People that stare too long, Other bloggers, Whiteys, Old People, College People, People that look me in the eyes, Lotte Mart, Slow walkers
BEWARE!!! If you fit into any of these categories, I will start a conversation with no clear ending point. This will lead to a noticeable silence. We may or may not make it to the other side.

February also brings other firsts, such as: 
  • Gym Membership 
  • Less Work!?!?...  
  • Ru Ford and Trot G: Almost Mediocre Mix (working title)
Also, the saga continues with,
  • Hives in Korea: The Diet


  1. Hello there, I'm Anna and I'm moving to Gwangju in a couple of weeks time (providing the Korean consulate in London don't hate me). I was searching for ex-pat blogs in Gwangju and yours popped up. I would say I'm not weird I just thought I'd say hi but who randomly comments on a stranger's blog without being weird so I may give up on that. So yes...hi. Damn, that may be a bad impression.

  2. Hey Anna, ...perfect impression. If you need any help or have questions about Gwangju, just let me know. And maybe, after you get settled in, we can meet up and you can tell me about Africa! Nice to meet you... online.