Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pizza in Korea

Pizza in Korea is different, but the same. The prices for pizza in Korea tend to be higher than the United States, but since tipping is not practiced in Korea, if you order delivery, it can be close to the same. And, if you live in Korea, you know delivery bikers risk life and limb to get you your pizza quick. They fly through red light intersections. They drive on the wrong side of the road. They drive off-road, and they are constantly coming within inches of pedestrians. The choices of pizzas toppings, in Korea, seem endless with potato, sweet potato, prawns, corn and many more available. All pizza places serve pizzas with a side or two of pickles, Parmesan, and hot sauce. Some of the pizzas I purchased even came with a complementary soda.  The pizza places below are those of the Singa-Dong residential area in Gwangju, South Korea. 

PIZZA HUT or ν”Όμžν—› 
Pizza Hut (home service) pizza in South Korea taste just like Pizza Hut pizza in America. The pizza shown is a regular supreme and cost ₩14,800. It cost ₩17,800 for delivery. 

Nanta 5000
Nanta 5000 has got to be the cheapest pizza in South Korea, but that only makes it better. Larges start at ₩5,000. They say it feeds 3-4 people... NOT TRUE. It feeds one person, but at ₩5,000 it is a great deal. I would compare it to Ci Ci's Pizza in the United States. The pizza shown is a large Combination Pizza.

High priced pizzas with great specials.  The pizza shown is a large Bulgogi Pizza for ₩9,800 (normally ₩16,800). It taste good, but expires fast. So, eat it before it gets cold. The crust is a little tough to chew. 

Dasarang is a nice sit down restaurant that also delivers. It sells american-style pizza and chicken, as well as, various Korean dishes. The pizza shown is a large "whatever I pointed to on the menu" for ₩18,000. I think 
a combination. I remembering it tasting awesome, but I had the drunchies. So, what doesn't taste awesome?

Pizza Club
Pizza Club was is my choice for best crust. The pizza shown is a large combination for ₩21,000. It was the most expensive pizza I purchased, but the crust was made of individual cheese filled bread rolls.

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